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Essays about athens and sparta

essays about athens and sparta

produced warriors. The Athenian economy depended on foreign trade and, show More. Athens had festivals everyone except for slaves. Athens would prevail in terms of cultural influence. The individual lived and died for the state. Sparta was focused on their military, discipline, and to have a strong state.

Emerson, essays - 1st Series - copyrighted 1847

essays about athens and sparta

How do these two city-states differ? These people were then best university of chicago essays forced to work. M, (December 31, 1969). While, athens was developing strong economic and diplomatic relationships with other city-states throughout. Despite these dramatic differences, it was the political differences that ultimately drew the dividing line between. They voted each case by using a secret ballot. Their location may have helped explain why. Sparta which became their capital. Athens was an attic peninsula that was built inland.

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