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Defending the damned thesis

defending the damned thesis

" In: Les Cahiers de l'iufm 4 (2005 27-40. New York: Harrington Park, 2005, 107-128. Abate, Michelle Ann: Bloody Murder: The Homicide Tradition in Children's Literature.

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It's annoyingly time-consuming to comb the internet for tables of contents, when neither you nor your publisher provide one. Brown, Stephen/Patterson, Anthony: "Selling stories: Harry Potter and the Marketing Plot." In: Psychology Marketing 27:6 (2010 541-556. 390 391 Corbyn also stated that "People who dish out anti-Semitic poison need to understand: You do not do it in my name. Kustritz, Anne: "Domesticating Hermione: The Emergence of Genre and Community from wikitt's Feminist Romance Debates." In: Feminist Media Studies 15:3 (2015 444-459. Krauss, François: "De la guerre des boutons à Harry Potter." In: Cahiers de psychologie clinique 30:1 (2008 217-219.

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