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Essay on realistic space combat

essay on realistic space combat

riding a giant kinetic missile into a planet to do this either. 1 "Computer science is a terrible name for this business. Geometry, first of all, is another subject with a lousy name. Another key limitation may be power and cooling. And that is, when some field is just getting started and you don't really understand it very well, it's very easy to confuse the essence of what you're doing with the tools that you use. The name comes from Gaia, meaning the Earth, and metron, meaning to measure. In fact, there's a lot of commonality between computer science and geometry. They may change some things, they may abandon the game (or divert into a quite new direction) if they see the results and think it does not work.

In reality, with no friction in space, fighters could turn effortlessly with no loss of momentum, so being positioned behind an opponent wouldn't convey the same advantage it does on Earth. Just point it at the enemy ship long enough.

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essay on realistic space combat

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The critical limitation on laser effectiveness at short ranges will probably be the time needed to switch from one target to the next. Can also be used to annihilate space stations, moons, planets. Essentially, it will wipe out the entire state of New Jersey, and turn the entire northeastern United States into a disaster area. You can just take the propellant tanks and engine of a warship, mount a simple targeting computer on it in place of the weaponry and habitat modules, and create a similarly powerful kinetic missile with no need for a crew of would-be suicide bombers.What all. Couple that with the fact that ships will be incredibly easy to see against the backdrop of space-the essay notes that powerful engines would likely be detectable as far away as the next solar system-and space battles are unlikely to look like the slugging matches. Some ideas: Why no missiles? Sound gives outer space character, in Star Wars-and in most science fiction-but real space battles would be soundless and a whole lot less flashy. Incidentally, this probably means you wont get any Han Solo type free traders in a realistic universe. Which means you can build the ship that best matches the tactics you want to try, no matter how crazy. If your ship weighs 10,000 tons it will impact with a force.8 gigatons. Visibility and situational awareness in space will far exceed anything we've experienced in traditional warfare.

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essay on realistic space combat

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