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Benefits of gardening essay

benefits of gardening essay

Essay on Gardening Recreation to the Mind Essay 4 (400 words). Plants not only act as food sources but also release oxygen and help maintain the water table. You can do this with the help of books on gardening and online websites. None of our basic functions from breathing to eating to drinking would be possible without plants. Gardening is truly a life-time hobby. Some gardeners find the activity relaxing and stress-relieving, for overall mental health benefits. Working in the garden reduces stress. Studies even show that merely looking at a garden is enough to affect blood pressure, heart, muscles and even the electric activity in the brain.

In this day and age where pesticides and fertilizers are overused consider the comfort you will have when you know exactly what has touched your fruits and veggies! Plus a vegetable garden is a great way to gain responsibility and personal satisfaction. New gardeners can get confused quite easily.

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benefits of gardening essay

2 impact the environment, we always hear about the negative impact humans have on the environment, but by gardening we can truly "go green" to benefit the earth. Theoretically, all these instant things are meant to free up your time. By planting new gardens, such as rain gardens, we can make use of the rain water run-off and help prevent harmful pollutants from making it in our streams and lakes. And finally, the act of gardening teaches people the art of being patient. The garden should be planned to a certain degree. And finally, some studies even report that people who are exposed to gardens and gardening recover more quickly from illnesses. Conclusion, in a life that is increasingly fast-paced, frenetic and stressful, your garden becomes an oasis of calm and tranquillity. Another health related benefit of gardening is that when people tend to their gardens, they are getting exercise. It allows you to connect with your environment and with nature.