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Read cassandra's essay

read cassandra's essay

ignored as a crazy woman and lunatic as usual (Agamemnon ). A couple of days later, the huntress returned with the pelt along with her blood-stained knife and arrows for Cassandra to give as proof of her kill. In Aeschylus' Agamemnon, Cassandra was driven mad by her visions, yet she still proclaimed the truth in hopes that someone vfw voice of democracy audio-essay competition would believe her, only her truth-telling madness was agonizing and unbearable by mortals. When both Cassandra and Agamemnon arrived, Clytemnestra greeted them warmly, trying not to be suspicious.

Cassandra feels much of what Iphigeneia felt when she was thrown into the sea by Agamemnon himself. Cassandra was bribed with the gift of prophecy by Apollo, but after withholding her body from him, she was cursed with the gift. Cassandra, a strong female character and described by Homer as the most beautiful of Priam's daughters, was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo, who was mesmerized with her. Reading books requires certain level of your languages comprehension in order to have full understanding and imagination of an event happening whereas watching television is a different matter.

Once again, however, Cassandra's prediction was not heeded. Troy's peace and prosperity being shattered by Greek armies was difficult for their father, King Priam, to acknowledge. So he locked Cassandra in a palace room to keep her advanced higher history essay conclusion quiet. I love the emotional feelings that movies have intended imposing on the audience through the choice of music, acting and scenery; but I hate watching television as well because I dont gain as much knowledge as reading. Watching television is very time consuming while reading does not. After accepting the gift of prophecy, Cassandra did not keep her end of the arrangement and denied Apollo her body: "I consented to Loxia but broke my word"Â (Agamemnon 1208). After beheading Agamemnon with an axe, Clytemnestra chased Cassandra, planning to kill her with the same weapon (Agamemnon 1372, 1535). The king threw her a great party in celebration of her success. More Essay Examples on, apollo Rubric, she also noticed small footprints beside the trail and followed them to a campsite. Cassandra returned to Babylon with the pelt and showed everyone what she had done.