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Why is health insurance important essay

why is health insurance important essay

worse by the fact that whereas health care expenses have registered tesla vs edison essays a sharp rise in the past decade income per person has actually fallen by almost 6 over the same period. This will surely give you a feeling of security in the times of medical crisis. 913) credentialing is a systematic approach to the collection, review, and verification of a practitioners professional qualification. If we take the.S. Such organizations include hospitals, health maintenance organizations (HMOs and preferred provider organizations (PPOs) which are responsible in providing quality services to their subscribers (Sobelman, 2001). Health Insurance provides us with one such way.

why is health insurance important essay

The reason health insurance is so important is because you will never know what to expect. This means that an average hospital stay cost has doubled in just a single decade. You may have to pay a Penalty As far as Americans are concerned, those who can afford health insurance should have it by 1st January 2017 otherwise they need to pay a tax of 695 per adult.5 (percent) of annual income (whichever. Credentialing therefore is important in evaluating and assessing the competence of medical practitioners. Insurance is composed of two streams. Defining, risk management, it is a planned and systematic process of reducing and/or eliminating the probability that losses will occur (Yale New Haven Hospital,. A practitioners qualification can be assessed based on his or her professional license, certification, educational background and preparation, clinical experience and professional activity and practices (Jones, nd). So, a health issue heightens the financial risk. We will write a custom essay sample. Complaints from patients and subscribers also pose threat as it can decrease the level of trust patients and the public have for the organization. You can also get student health insurance from private insurance companies. The scope of Health Insurance has been increased seeing the present lifestyles of most of the people.

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