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Food insecurity in us essay

food insecurity in us essay

important for healthy life. Even in developed country like. In India, the second-most populous country in the world, 30 million people have been added to the ranks of the hungry since the mid-1990s and 46 of children are underweight. It is important that the remedy for this will be obtained quickly as in India alone; more than 50 million small-scale farmers are at risk because they depend on wheat for their food and earnings. With limited money they do not have a choice for nutritional food and according to Stevens are forced to buy inexpensive, high fat, high carbohydrates food (Stevens 163). Even in Guatemala, income inequality is amongst the worst in the world, with indigenous communities at a disadvantage. Hunger has been one of the many devastating issues affecting millions in developing countries.

food insecurity in us essay

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It is imperative that we focus on why are the food insecure, and why are the people are food insecure. Food insecurity and security describe whether or not people within a jehovah's witnesses essays scribd nation have access to abundant, quality and quantity of food. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nation (FAO) has given warning to six other countries in the Central and South Asia to be prepared and keep an eye for symptoms of this new strain while scientists in the United States of America are. Agriculture remains the largest employment sector in most developing countries and international agriculture agreements are crucial to a countrys food security. With the help of private or government organization makes a vast change in familys life and also helps to decrease the ratio of health disease and maintain the economic condition of country. In three countries, namely Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, only one-quarter of the population has access to safe water, and in two others (the Sudan and Uganda) the figure is less than 50 percent.

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