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Best english essays for fsc

best english essays for fsc

from my own books, I would choose not some long showpiece from Tamarisk Row or The Plains but this from my unfinished and unpublished O, Dem Golden Slippers: this for its directness, its interconnectedness, and its needing. You absorb the main item to start with and you dont have to strain to swallow all the extras afterwards. And yet my modest store of grammar seems not to influence me in the least while I write the sort of sentence that I most like to write. The only lessons in grammar that I recall from my schooldays were not even directed. I could be sure thereafter that no whim or affectation but the worthiest of motives was behind my straining to compose such an elaborate compound sentence as: The mottled stones kept their fixed places on the floor of the art gallery, but the stones that.

Having done this, I could then have supplied the missing object, which would have been a noun phrase or a noun clause, and thereby brought the sentence to an end. I surely underwent some basic instruction in grammar, given that I can still analyse compound sentences, assigning each clause a number and stating its kind and its relationship with the word or the clause that it qualifies or modifies or stands in coordination with. The exhibtion is accompanied by a monograph published by Phaidon. My writing itself hardly changed as a result, but I was never again bothered by occasional doubts that my devotion to the sentence, and especially the compound sentence, was hardly more than a personal preference. Take note of every essay question, required letter, and required transcript. On some afternoons, while the autumn sunshine brightened the north-facing windows of the school, Mr Wilkinson would take the senior grades for a grammar lesson while we middle grades had some or another written task to occupy. Once having equated meaning with connection, I saw that the sentence, even the simplest sentence, was the form of words best able the importance of family dinners essay to express meaning. A conqueror in a worn blazer and a regimental tie, I sat facing my daughter.