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Student handbook for dissertation and thesis preparation

student handbook for dissertation and thesis preparation

research summary including significance and future directions. When using a style manual, follow the specifications for published documents, but do not include typesetting notations often used when submitting manuscripts to a publisher. All succeeding numbers in the chapter or section are to be typed in the upper right hand corner, five lines (or, approximately 3/4 below the top edge of the page and 3/4" to 1" from the right side of the page. For all co-authored manuscripts that are included, the student should explicitly state his/her contribution to the work. For assistance formatting your document in Microsoft Word, visit the. Starting with the first page of the text, or body of the thesis, the remaining pages of the thesis (including the bibliography and appendices) are numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals (i.e., 1, 2, 3, essay dream vacation hawaii etc.

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student handbook for dissertation and thesis preparation

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Thesis Defense Paperwork: The Brown Graduate School requires a dissertation information form and a copy of the thesis title page at least two weeks before the defense date. The handbook and samples of dissertation forms can be found on the. Also, certain commonly used software packages may require format modifications in order to comply with current guidelines. Please note that The Graduate School does not offer technical support for Microsoft Word, LaTeX, or other word processing programs that students may use. Text and reference pages. C, D, E, and F ) and centered five lines (or, approximately 3/4 above the bottom of the page. For assistance formatting your document in LaTeX, you may want to visit this. In addition, the student should provide a copy of the title page of the thesis including the phrase "approval of semi-final version" and the advisor's signature. Microsoft Office margin settings for thesis support site and search online for various elements, such as customized table of contents, section breaks, and footnotes. Please note that the work in your thesis or dissertation must be your own. starting with page number 1 on the first page of the text.