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Context sensitivity thesis

context sensitivity thesis

Gettier problem, and the Lottery paradox. DeRose adopts a type of modal or "safety" (as it has since come to be known) account on which knowledge is a matter of one's belief as to whether or not p is the case matching the fact of the matter, not only in the. "Solving the Skeptical Problem Philosophical Review 104: 1-52. By the turn of the 21st century, however, materialists and postmaterialists had become equally numerous in many Western countries. "Contextualism: An Explanation and Defense in Greco and Sosa 1999. New Paradigm In Architecture (7th.).

G., in a cafe with friends-, where lower standards are in place, the statement would be truth, even more, it's negation would be false. Thus, the standards for attributing knowledge to someone, the contexualist claims, vary from one user's context to the next.

1977, "Ethics: Inventing Right and Wrong Viking Press, isbn. The main tenet of contextualist epistemology, no matter what account of knowledge it is wedded to, is that knowledge attributions are context-sensitive. Moral implementation (logistical, timeliness in her thesis, she explains more of the research and data she collected on the level of interpreters scales on the. But how close is sufficiently close? 10 Experimental research edit Recent work in the new field of experimental philosophy has taken an empirical approach to testing the claims of contextualism and related views. Minding the Brain: A Guide to Philosophy and Neuroscience. "Contextualist Solutions to Scepticism Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 96:317-33. What contextualism entails is that in one context an utterance of a knowledge attribution can be true, and in a context with higher standards for knowledge, the same statement can be false. Participants are then asked to report on the status of that knowledge ascription.

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