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Main components of proposal writing

main components of proposal writing

personnel. What are the state and local goals within these standards areas? What is the need that is being addressed? Relation of Objectives to Mission or Purpose The problem statement is the anchoring point for the proposal. Strength in this part of a proposal can often add several points to its overall evaluation. Thus, a 1 million proposal requires a much more detailed literature review than does a 50,000 proposal. Sometimes a needs assessment contains two major parts, one part addressing the national, state, or regional need for the project and the second part assessing local needs.

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The proposal answers these types of questions. Covers the formative evaluation of ongoing work and summative evaluation of the overall project. Your attention to detail in the proposal provides evidence of your ability to carry out the work of the project. Reviewers evaluating your proposal will be familiar with the literature related to your proposal topic. Most sponsors have developed policies and procedures for the submission of proposals and may require the use of specific application forms. Documentation would normally include the subrecipients scope of work and detailed budget, and the institutional approval from the subrecipient organizations Authorized Official.

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