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Essay competition on good governance in pakistan pdf

essay competition on good governance in pakistan pdf

1970s Pakistan had achieved self-sufficiency in food and by 1980s it had become an important exporter of rice, particularly the fine basmati variety. In rural areas, for example, other actors may include influential landlords, associations of peasant farmers, cooperatives, NGOs, research institutes, religious leaders, finance institutions, political parties and the military etc. The history of these doctrines can be traced in following cases. It was a noteworthy occasion in history of Pakistan this time for the challenges facing in maintaining good governance are yet to appear in coming days for government in place.

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M, (December 31, 1969). Panandiker has explained the main problems faced by the South Asian countries definition of process and procedure essay specially India and Pakistan relating to governance system . A large influx of Afghani refugees (nearly 3 million and an interminable hostility with neighboring India puts an enormous burden on Pakistans faltering economy. Cultural Patterns: Although Islam is a cementing force in Pakistan (its official name is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and 95 percent of the population is composed of Muslims several divisive elementslinguistic and culturalhave been a serious threat to the central administration. The explicit policy of those governments, as evidenced in the Night and Fog decrees of Nazi Germany, is that the government possesses the inherent authority to act purely on its own volition and without being subject to any checks or limitations.

essay competition on good governance in pakistan pdf

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