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Working women essay

working women essay

having a one-child family. Also, giving more opportunities to women such as studying abroad or taking part in researches can make them more qualified; furthermore, encourage them against their male peers. Many couples are faced with infertility issues and are unable to have their own children. Primitively women's role is connected to house work, but others believed women's have more exemplary capacity to work outside home. Take a step back and look how lucky we must. tags: feminism, working class, workplace, gender. The blooming trend among the middle-class of the head of household as the only working individual of the family was completely unattainable for working class families. This debate is to be continued. Even with all the ups and downs, the good times and the bad, its all worth it. According to the US Census in 1997 47 percent of women did not return to the work force within one year of having a baby. Her statement during the mid-nineteenth-century was symptomatic of the changing dynamics of the traditional household and workplace in Western Europe and North America as a result of rapid industrialisation, and improvements in education and medical standards.

working women essay

For example, by the time women have heart attacks; they tend to be older than men. Also those children, whose mothers were working, turned out to be more independent and also aware of their responsibilities. However, wages for workers were incredibly low (Smith,.145). By Halim Abdelhalim (Cairo many high-level positions in companies are filled by men even though the workforce in many developed countries is more than 50 per cent female. When a woman finds out she is pregnant she is faced with a choice that she will have to make that will affect her for the rest of her life. If she wishes to work, if she is confident of handling both and if her spouse and family are willing to support her, then she can have a career.

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