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English essay child labour pakistan

english essay child labour pakistan

luxury of their air-conditioned rooms, children like Noor Allah struggle all day in the heat to provide for their families. The United Nations International Childrens Emergency Fund (unicef) defines a child as anyone below the age of 18, and child labour as any form of work performed by children below age. Retrieved from p?vref1 Reference Copied to Clipboard. The issue has been seriously addressed by the above bodies either individually or in conjunction with any other body. Though poverty levels in Pakistan appear to be a necessitate reason that children work in order to allow the families to reach their target take-home pay, effective community engagement can help raise awareness against the issue. To rectify the problem of child labor, cross agency partnerships in Pakistan would be prompted till the operations are self sustained and fully streamlined. High powered mystery clients would be requested to monitor adherence in safety standards along with labor departments and ILO monitors. Attitudes of Employers, Parents and Children: This is another challenge in the effectiveness of the community program. Main gareeb hun aur gareeb ki koe khwahish nhain.

english essay child labour pakistan

It is the full-time employment of children under a minimum.
Child Labor is one of the ever growing social problems faced by Pa kistan since time immemorial.
This causes adverse impact on mental.
Child Labor in Pakistan Essay/Speech so that you can take part in the school or college competition.
Child Labour in Pakistan is a big issue.

Retrieved Aug 1, 2010, from m: px? This was the response from a young child when I asked him what his desires are. In various industries children are considered as cheap labors. Apart from the traditional program of study, training at non-formal educational schools should include vocational training health and safety education. Effective information, education and communication materials would be created and would be disseminated to press and other media in order to win their support and create awareness. It is also acting as a watch dog, inspecting the ways in which government is addressing the issue. Read more by Qaisar here or follow him on Twitter @qasirroonjha, loading. Children are the future of any nation and, therefore, they should be so groomed that they can become better citizens. Besides providing basic rights to every child in Pakistan other objectives of this parliament are: End child labor.

This is apropos of Fida Hussain s letter 12 million labour ers in Pakistan (June 26). Children are the future of any nation and, therefore, they. Summary This report is about child labor in Pakistan.

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