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Essays on benefits of medical marijuana

essays on benefits of medical marijuana

The use of marijuana, as mentioned, can bring about certain psychological effects. Between pro and con groups for the use of marijuana in the medical profession, have been heated and in recent months, referendums. The FDA conceded to the use of medical marijuana in these cases, especially after the American Academy of Neurology stood by it in 2015. Sleep Regulation and Insomnia a stressful socio-economic life coupled with a diet high in fats (staples of modern life) can lead to isolated bouts or even chronic insomnia (a condition experienced by about 15 of adults in the Western world). But this acceptation will give a new. The cannabis plant has three subspecies that have been cultivated in various parts of the world, for a number of different purposes, for millennia. These developments attracted the attention of the scientific and medical communities, who began to study cannabis more carefully.

essays on benefits of medical marijuana

The Many, benefits of, medical, marijuana, essays - 938 Words Bartleby While not really a health or medical benefit, marijuana could spur Free The, benefits of, medical, marijuana, essay

Reduce severe pain, and nausea from chemo, and stimulates appetite One of the most common uses of medical marijuana is for people going through chemotherapy. Crohns disease is an inflammatory bowel disorder that causes pain, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and more. The problem with such generalizations is that hundreds (if not thousands) of strains from all variants have been isolated through selective breeding over the years. Ease the pain of multiple sclerosis. The problem is that there are many (acute and chronic) conditions that have nausea as their chief symptoms. In this article, our aim is to ascertain the scientific and legal status of medical marijuana (aided by a bit of historical context clarify how and why medical marijuana differs from strains of the plant destined for recreational purposes, and then concentrate on the health. Doctors of the period concentrated on developing more potent strains. Does it is it ually the mental and behavioral effects of marijuana consist of a sense of well-being (often termed. Decrease the symptoms of Dravets Syndrome. Beware, though, higher doses may increase anxiety and make you paranoid. Naturally occurring cannabinoids, similar to THC, help control the system that causes fear and anxiety in the body and brain.

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