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Biological causes schizophrenia essay

biological causes schizophrenia essay

: a study with functional magnetic resonance imaging. A methodological review review.

The Biological Causes of SchizophreniaThe most important role of biology is to help us better und.
There are many biological explanations of schizophrenia.
In this essay I will conc entrate on the genetic explanation and biochemical explanation of the disorder.
Free Essay: Biological, Social and Psychological Causes of Schizophrenia Schizophr enia is a very serious, long-term disorder that affects about 1 of the.
This essay shall discuss the various theoretical causes of schizophrenia including ; biological explanations such as genetics and chemicals in the brain, Freuds.

A further strength of this theory is that it explains why schizophrenia can, and often does, appear in individuals who do not have relatives with the disorder, and therefore no genetic pre-disposition to more. Seeking help for this treatable condition is particularly important to minimize the risk of suicide. Ziprasidone (Geodon) - the risk of weight gain and diabetes is lower than other atypical antipsychotics.

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Once patients learn basic facts about schizophrenia and its treatment, they can make informed decisions about their care. Schizophrenia is quite a serious illness that affects about one per cent of the general population at some point in their lives, and may exhibit itself through a variety of symptoms. Neuropsychiatrie Aspects of Schizophrenia. Newer antipsychotic also affect levels of other neurotransmitters. Below is a list of the factors that are thought to contribute towards the onset of schizophrenia: Genetic inheritance If there is no history of schizophrenia in a family, the chances of developing it are less than 1 percent. Today, these subtypes are not used by doctors. This is considerably less in dizygotic twins where the concordance rate falls.

Biological Causes Of Schizophrenia Essay - 839 Words - brightkite

biological causes schizophrenia essay

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