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Essay on girl child foeticide in hindi

essay on girl child foeticide in hindi

men in India to get high paying jobs and provide financially for their families. Doctors found performing sex determination tests and abortions especially for killing girl baby would be guilty and lose their license. Female foeticide refers to getting rid of the female foetus by surgical termination.

Urban India has higher child sex ratio than rural India according to 1991, 20Census data, implying higher prevalence of female foeticide in urban India. The Indian Medical Association has undertaken efforts to prevent prenatal sex selection by giving its members Beti Bachao (save the daughter) badges during its meetings and conferences. There should be immediate complaint registration system for all women. The development is very encouraging for the development of the nation and it will also help correct the skewed male-female ratio in many states of the country. 8 The Beti Bachao, or Save girls campaign, has been underway in many Indian communities since the early 2000s. Additionally, urban households usually have a high constant term and a low slope. It is currently illegal in India to determine or disclose sex of the foetus to anyone.

Female foeticide has been linked to the arrival, in the early 1990s, of affordable ultrasound technology and its widespread adoption in India. Simultaneously the practitioner who helps in sex determination for this purpose is also required to be punished equally. In the graph, the supply of brides outside each village, locality, or region is depicted as 'supply foreign'. 7, the Indian government has passed, pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act (pcpndt) in 1994 to ban and punish prenatal sex screening and female foeticide. In some rural areas where people cannot go for sex-determination tests, female foeticide degenerates into female infanticide wherein a girl child is killed after birth by unimaginably horrible methods she is strangulated, poisoned, dumped in garbage bins, drowned, burnt alive, or starved to death.

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