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Charles drew essay

charles drew essay

soldiers on the battlefield, a medical breakthrough that saved countless lives. Later on he graduated in 1926 from Amherst College in western Massachusetts. He won four swimmung medals by the time he was eight years old. The person I chose to do my report.

Charles Drews old friend from Howard University, by now the Dean of the University,. Charles Richard Drew was born on June 3,1904 in his grandmother's house in Washington.C. The Drew family lived in a small city. Charles Richard Drew was born on June 3, 1904 in Washington,.C. He was very athletic as a child.

Petersons first wife Carol Brown, they both met in high school. Their divorced was finalized on February 18, 1992. Peterson had a 30-year career as a police officer. Now he has schools named after him because of his contributions to the medical field. He attended Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, where he won the James. This is what made Charles Drew famous his discovery about blood. Chapter 2 Nancys house worker tried something but it did not work so they decided to get the doctor down the street. He organized the blood for Britain project in 1940, which he collected, processed, and transported nearly 15,000 plasma units within five months. Chapter 3 In this chapter Nancy went to see Ira. Shields High School in Beatrice, Alabama.

So as Ira is at Nancys house he was ready to leave so when he is going he notices that his mail bag has gone missing. After being traded by Atlanta for Dominique Wilkins, Drew played three seasons (1982-1985) with the Utah Jazz, retiring with 15,291 career points. His mothers name was Nora Burrell and his fathers name was Richard. He was captain of the track team and won the all-time top score at McGill in intercollegiate track competition.