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Research paper wikipedia

research paper wikipedia

and they were edited by a master of the topic. Alternativly you could be asking what such a list is called. Example - m or m - without www.). There were only three members in the group so the approach had to be adjusted to make sure that both sides of the argument were addressed fairly by allowing each member a chance to present his or her argument for or against the creditability. In finding information, take a look at the materials found in the library mdash;almanacs, atlases, catalogs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, newspapers, etc. A disadvantages of using Wikipedia as source is the issue of editors creditability. 1 person found this useful. The website's millions of registered users, supporters, and administrators argue that they can edit the erroneous information found on Wikipedia, thus making the articles more veracious, comprehensive, and reliable (Belanger). And along that line, I assume you explained to the class how to integrate"s into the research paper. Each member agreed that Wikipedia is an excellent source for a quick reference.

research paper wikipedia

Research paper noun A substantial piece of academic writing, usually done as a requirement for a class, in which.
A genre is a term used to represent any type of art including literature Wikipedia.
Research paper noun A substantial piece of academic writing, usually done as a requirement for a class, in which the author does independent research into a topic and writes.
A research paper can be used for exploring and identifying scientific, technical and.

If you used a book called The Bible, you should reference it as such. Wikipedia, mtsu masters thesis over the past twelve years there has been a great controversy on whether or not the website. (Yes, just write web with a period after.). In a research paper you may need to discuss other views, including biased opinions. The strategy canvas for the existing online encyclopaedia market (when Wikipedia entered in 2001) may be as shown in the below figure: The value proposition offered by Wikipedia was markedly different from that being currently offered by the online encyclopaedias (dominated by m).