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Essay sugestion

essay sugestion

What should you cite? As you read the question, look for technical terms that may need explaining. Too many of my students have lost papers when their disks crashed, their computers failed, a worm downed the network, or they wrote over their files by mistake.

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This outlining stage is so helpful that I sometimes assign exercises for submission as "prose outlines." The results are almost always clearer and better disciplined than supposedly "finished" essays. If you can write like these people write, your work will really sparkle. A frightening or dangerous experience, a memorable journey, an encounter with someone you were in awe of or afraid. When I see vague language in your essays, I suspect that you don't really know what you're talking about. Run a draft by me or your peer reviewer early for a proofread and an informal grade. Instead, pursue a thesis that must be in the form of one or more sentences (.g., "I am claiming that creationism is incompatible with evolution, but both are compatible with the doctrine of creation. There is no nice thing you can say to me or about my class or the readings or your own feelings that will give you extra credit. In the age of word-processing, you have no excuse! Stake out a position!

essay sugestion

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