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Language globalization essay

language globalization essay

time these countries have ability to maintain on their native language. The last problem English language impact in culture people. 2, cite This Work, to export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: Essays,. RightsThe author owns the copyright to this work. Such as a multinational company, which work to provide global products to consumers even if they do not know the global language. Persistent URL languageeng, collectionGraduate School - Newark Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Once a language is lost it cannot be traced back. Since the world has one language, that make communication much easier among the people around the world which help them to live an easy life.

It s important to recognize how globalization has affected lang uage around the world to develop a better understanding of how schools and. Free Essay: In recent years, terms such as Global community, globalizatio n, and. Distracting languages and bogging them down with the events of the world. Hi there, Would you please give me some help as to my ielts writin g? Around the world, only a few languages are increasing.

The modern generation is bereft of the knowledge acquired by their ancestors.The language of learning could have been oral and scripts written in palm leaves. Cite weblastEssays firstUK urlp? Asia and Latin America has added new sources of diversity to culture in the United States. Eleven of them account for the speech of more than half the worlds population. According to a report titled, English Next" by language researcher David Graddol, ".two billion people will be speaking or learning English within a decade" Graddol (1997). Wherever one travels around the world, there is always a substantial chance for that person to communicate with minimum English. tags: business, communication, survey. So I would sincerely request you to please take a stand and address this issue. Subject, global Affairs, Globalization, Technological innovations, Industrial productivity-Effect of technological innovations. But this is not the end; The United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization still has an opportunity to preserve and save the dying colorful cultures all across the world which add to humanitys evolution. Language is the way of knowing, expressing their action. A reason where we lose out in the essence of a culture and knowledge as the language dies.

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