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Essay on educational value of films

essay on educational value of films

thrill of children with severe learning difficulties at Beacon Hill academy in Thurrock, Essex seeing themselves inserted into scenes from You've Been Framed and projected on to the wall. The film Tnquilaab' concluded with the idea of uprooting the existing political system in order to have society free of corruption, exploitation and inequality. In eighties and early nineties, there had been a decline in the movie going population due to the availability of VCR and Cable Television across all socio-economic groups. Fueled with patriotism, this movie has every reason to be on the top. The rich as well as the poor are fond of going to the pictures. . He continues to work with a wide variety of clients as an illustrator and designer, alongside a personal interest in community-based projects. Moreover, Ishaanreversed letters when he wrote and demonstrated a poor understanding of mathematical concepts.

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It doesn't matter where you are from. Here are 15 movies that taught us, maybe not, maybe they've tried teaching the harsh realities of real life in reel:. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag-, an indian biographical sports drama based on the life of athlete Milkha singh, a national champion runner, famous as "The Flying Sikh". When he was finally on the brink of suicide, Then came an alternative art teacher Ram Nikumbh discovered that he had dyslexia and consequently turned his life around. Journalist, the Guardian, aaron Day, after-school learning co-ordinator, Whickham school, Gateshead. Denise Rose, a facilitator for Mouth That Roars, which helps young people who would not usually have access to media equipment make their own films, said many were misrepresented in the media and saw themselves as victims, or in terms of negative stereotypes.

The overall influence of cinema on the youth in this country has not been good and whole some. It presents a true picture of the human civilization. .

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